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Notes From Afar!

As most members know I have transferred east and I am in fact I am now stationed in New Brunswick. My fleet survived the move with only minor damage and should be repairable without too much trouble, that is when I can get the yard re-established. Covid has presented many unexpected difficulties and to these add complications related to the present shortage of affordable lumber. Here I am in a province filled with trees and I can't get a decent price, even at private lumber yards!!!! To say the least it's extremely annoying. So, until I can get suitable materials to set up a new work area, my yard will have to remain temporarily closed. True, I could "spread out" and take over the existing kitchen/dining table and counter space but then I'm in competition with the family pets and grandchildren and, of course, the essential appliances like the coffee maker, the toaster, the microwave, and a host of other "priority items! So I will have to wait for the the grand clearance of family possessions from the great big heated garage that is also part of the house.

In the meantime, I will try my best to continue blogging away for the club. So to my many friends, as skippers, yard masters, chandlers, designers, builders, and of course our Commodore and Purser ................. send me your pictures, your comments and explanations ............. or what ever, and I will try to fulfil my duties at "this end". Before I left, I collected a number of images of ongoing or recently completed work by members and I am going to turn this contribution into a largely visual collection. Our Purser has done a great job of keeping the blogs up to date, for which very many thanks, and I have no intention of making any changes, rather I'm going to duplicate some of the images and hopefully provide them in improved form, since I do have access to Photoshop, and a little enhancement can often help to show just how interesting a member's "building" can be. In short, this blog is a mix of old and new.

I think Bob deserves a final "homage" for the birth to baptism for his beautifully finished canoe. So here's a max size image.

John C's St Lawrence Skiff is nearing completion. There's a paint job on the way, and installation of the electronics and false floor to cover them are yet to do.

I just had to add these images of Edward's Flower Class Corvette; the way that he has created wave form and especially the spray and foam is absolutely masterful. What comes next, well this incredibly detailed 1:100 model of the Soleil Royal by Heller. Certainly not a "quick" build but clearly our builder will be up to the challenge.

I just had to add these kit images as a "taster" of what's to come, it absolutely will be a showpiece model when complete.

As a follow on for our static model makers, it's also great to see Don's fine model of the Cutty Sark, with a suitably "weathered" finish.

Don's approach to weathering the ship's sails also worked very well.

Last but not least, work on the dockyard diorama" by John McK has been advancing bit by bit. Most of the structures are more or less complete and work is now moving forward with fitting and testing of the electronics.

Looks like it's going to be an interesting model when complete.

For my part, I'm "exploring" what I can do for a ship-in-the-bottle. The bottle, I have, but figuring out how assemble the parts in the bottle for what I want to make seems almost as difficult as actually doing it!

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