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June 27th was Freedom Day, at least at the Pond!

Well it’s been a very long time coming but at last we could be together outside and enjoy each other's company and “pontificate” to our hearts content. Those fortunate enough even sported haircuts. It was a bright and sunny day and seemingly all was set for some test runs at the pond. But!!!! The wind gods apparently had other ideas, clearly we had not adhered to the proper observances during Covid ……. some had even strayed from the slipways to indulge in the railways. But to be fair, it was pleaded, for many months we had been denied the opportunity to gather at the pond and it was necessary to hone one’s skills however that might be possible. After the group promised to have more regular meetings at the pond, it was hoped that the plea would be accepted and that more favourable winds would be bestowed on the Club’s next gathering. It was unfortunate that some members couldn't make the day but thanks to Jeremy for the "pics."

Don’s “Cutty Sark” has been shown before but now, fully complete, it makes a very commanding impression (complete with a faint and fading aroma from the coffee stained sails).

Stan’s “City of Kingston” package freighter is very close to completion (just a few fiddly bit to do).

Jeremy’s Bankert tug is also close to completion and looking very good.

Other works were on show (in the respective owners’ vehicles) but only Clair was “brave enough” to give a real “expose”. What a beautiful piece of work, a see-through model of a 4-6-0 loco from laser cut wood (as he explained, he had no time to build anything else).

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