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“I’m late, I'm Late …………. For a Very Important Date”

With apologies to Alice in Wonderland, at least I think that’s what the White Rabbit said. Regrettably, I am late in getting this blog prepared and it seems I‘ve been late in getting a whole load of things done, so right upfront may I make my apologies …………. yet again. I fear it’s getting to be the normal with me and there’s only one remedy; to do fewer things. Frankly, I’m rather looking forward to the colder, wetter weather and then I can do more of what I like and less of what I have to do! I can forget cutting grass and someone else can clear the snow! But, at least, I managed to rebuild my deck this year. Enough about me, let’s get to the “good stuff”.

The Club did pretty well this Summer and it’s been great to share in the enthusiasm of our new members. It was a real pleasure for the Club to participate at this year’s Antique and Classic Car Show in Odessa, a show that we have been happily involved in for many years …………. and it was just great to break the disappointment that we all felt during the period that the show was cancelled due to Covid (see my previous Blog). It was fun to use our pool again and to entertain both the junior and adult visitors (and ourselves). Expectations were high when we got back to the pond: to experience all the highs and lows that seem to go with boats, wind, weeds and water, and, of course the never ending issues with radios and batteries that seem to suddenly plague certain unfortunate members. Nathan had fun at another and larger pond site that gets used for model boats and float planes, and we had a joint meeting with Model Boat Club speed enthusiasts at the Deseronto Yacht Club. Now, as we move into the Fall, it’s time to talk about the hobby, build more models, and get to know more about the interests of new members.

Pond days are always fun, we’re not a big Club but we have access to some really nice locations where we can try things out, socialize and just enjoy messing about with boats. It adds greatly when the weather is good and our first Pond Day this year was exactly that. Nathan definitely stared as a major attraction and his tug performs well and looks really sharp. I hope to show images of the work by our new members in future blogs.

I thought I’d also add a few images of Nathan’s other interests in model flying. The Craig Pond is a much larger pond than the one normally used by our Club. It is largely exposed and very suitable for flying model float planes. By the same token, it can be a rather demanding site for model boats when they don’t perform as planned; it could be a long way to retrieve them.

A rescue boat is essential for the recovery of wayward models. As with any mix of boats and planes, it is also essential for each to keep clear of the other if they are both on the water at the same time. There is one good access (gravel ramp) but, otherwise, a low rock face forms much of the shore line.

Our meet with the Deseronto model boat club was most interesting. They had a circular course (with pylons) set up for competitive power boat racing. Some members also had model sail boats and one large scale East Coast lobster boat was on display. Their main interest covers high speed gas and electric model boats, and there were several types and classes on display. A video of the last meet of the season (with our club) has been posted on YouTube and a couple of stills from it are are shown here. Harbour conditions were good at the Deseronto Yacht Club and both clubs had activity on the water as well as display. To say the least, some of the more powerful power boats provided very impressive performance. It was an interesting meet and hosting by the Deseronto Club was greatly appreciated. The model boats reflected the great range of interests in model boats at the two clubs. It was a very enjoyable time for all.

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