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HOT, HOT, HOT in the Parking Lot!

“Higher and higher every day. Till over the mast at noon ……… “ and we did seek the shelter tent lest we did surely swoon (with my apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge)!

Yes, we really do need to be careful what we ask for, as Jeremy commented …. “the weather was overly cooperative”. A bright and clear sky was a great start to the day and certainly encouraged a good number of visitors to see what we had on display and in the pool. It was unfortunate that water for the pool came late but tanker deliveries have to meet a high demand in the County, especially at this time of year. However, we had quite a variety of boats out on the tables and the heat really did not begin to affect people until early afternoon.

Once filled, the pool provided a lot of fun for us and, of course the parents and kids. The junior skippers took charge of the club tugs and they showed a remarkable ability to create the most complex avoidance strategies; the tugs were a great success, especially since all returned to dock without problem.

As the early afternoon heat became unpleasantly hot it was clear that our audience had other interests (to go somewhere cooler); and we shared the same thought. Even in the shade of our tent, conditions were not enjoyable. With all the models carefully stowed, we drained the pool and packed up early. We’ve packed up early at other outside events (due to rain and or wind) but I think this was the first time it was due to excessive heat! I’m not sure if the water steamed on the parking lot, before we left, but it certainly evaporated quickly.

Turning first to unfinished business and, ladies and gentlemen, at great expense, I am pleased to present an image of the Ocean Star nicely sheeted on the starboard tack .......... I'm sorry I was unable to include this image in the last blog (it was not available at press-time and in any case the pond is much too small to demonstrate this boat's performance). Thanks for the update, Nathan.

Ah yes, the day's event in Picton; John's expert packing made it possible for Jeremy to pile just about everything needed into his vehicle and the trailer, and arrive for early set up on Saturday. Members had just about everything ready for inspection by the time the Commodore arrived.

We had some fine boats on display and many made it to the water once the pool was filled.

Our happy man was back with a great selection of display models; good to see you back, Don.

I thought it would be fun to show Don's Ark Royal carrier just once more. I can't imagine the chaos that would be caused with those two Fairey Swordfish on the flight path and all those planes still on the deck ....... but it's a great way to show them (for more images, please see the previous blog posting).!

Talk about impressive models: George's model is of the bulk carrier Edmond Fitzgerald which is the largest vessel to have been wrecked in the Great Lakes (she sank in a November storm in Lake Superior, in 1975). Sadly, the entire crew of 29 was also lost.

Clair had a number of boats that went into the pool, but I don't think the Club's blogs have shown this stern wheeler in working mode before. She's a finely finished model.

And then, of course, we have our pranksters who can really clear-out the pool. Thanks, guys.

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