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Welcome good readers and to new Club members, I didn’t realize that the title of my last Blog would be quite so appropriate …… at least for me. Not long after I wrote it, I was caught up in a flurry of packing and downsizing as an anticipated move turned out to be very much sooner than expected. Keeping up with QMS activities has required quite a bit of “catch up”, my apologies to some members for “sitting” on their contributions for so long! The model makers have really been busy. With Covid sufficiently under control, at least for now, it’s been possible to plan ahead for Club meetings, for expeditions to the Pond, and of course for events and shows. First off has been the Belleville Train Show, an event that really gives a real boost to enthusiasm. With good attendance this year, Club members can feel well pleased with the interest shown by members and visitors, alike. Here’s to an equally good “Rest of the Year”.

Nathan provided a couple of images of a recent build, just as it turned from the ugly duckling stage. The finished pilot boat was on display at the show but, sorry, pride of place was given to the Hans Hackmack SAR, a large model with an interesting profile and really interesting detail aft (sorry, an image of that is not available). The round ports on the superstructure (especially those with the wipers, up on the wheelhouse) are well suited for the ship’s search and rescue service in extreme conditions. The actual ship (23 M loa) was built in 1997 and operates in the Baltic and North Sea. It is registered in Germany and is stationed at Gromitz (about 150 km south east of the German-Danish border).

Al was a happy man, having his Fairwind r/c sailboat looking very smart. Am I right, Al, did you do a new paint job on the boat …… it looks almost too bright and shiny! Now that the Club has two of these boats, Jeremy may find he’s got some competition. This class is a good size for use at the Pond where the winds can be a bit variable and “puffy”.

Clair was in fine form with his stick-build side-wheeler, mini tugboats and “gentleman’s runabout", and he was also showing a small construction model of a skiff building.

Although not a new construction John H’s model Corvette (K368) drew a good amount of attention, especially for it’s excellent detailing. One of the Show’s visitors this year was the well known Canadian Naval historian and author Roger Litwiller, later he tweeted: “A wonderful find at the Belleville Model Train Show today. John Hutchings built this incredible RC model of HMCS TRENTONIAN. Using photos from my book, White Ensign Flying & Plans on my website to build his detailed 1/72 model.” We rarely know whose looking at the models we make and it’s a pleasure to see this kind of appreciation from someone with such expert knowledge.

John McK had several models from his “Vietnam suite” on display (both military and a local sampan) and Don brought his model of Miss Supertest 3 with it’s characteristic rooster tail. Alongside was Jeremy’s R/C model of the Crockett, a USS Asheville class gunboat, also of the Vietnam era and now fully finished with careful detailing.

Mr Congenial (Don) was in fine form at the Show, and well he might be. His super big model of the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier (CVN 65) certainly took up the table space, and gave the visitors a rare look at what a modern aircraft carrier carries in it’s air wing. The model was not yet complete, the superstructure and hanger deck are still a work in progress but what was on display really was a feast for the viewer. Compare the finished aircraft (63 planes and 6 helicopters) with their pre-decor appearance, where does he get the patience to duo all that fiddly stuff (sometimes you need it as a hockey fan)? And, no, not all the aircraft are shown pre-decor (you have to imagine the rest).

Events and shows are a “big thing” and it can be quite a job to set up and take down but Club meetings (at the homes of members) provide a more relaxing opportunity to show progress, if any, and to shoot the breeze. John McK’s Puffer is advancing slowly, most particularly because he keeps thinking of more things to add or do with it. The new metal stack may well be a harbinger of developments in the stoker room! And all the while other members have much to discuss! The next Club event will be at the Odessa Antique Car Show in June when the pool will get an airing and substitute for the Pond! Let’s hope the weather cooperates ……it was pretty good for the Belleville Show.

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