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Yep it's the Fall !

We've been blessed with some pretty good weather during the Summer and Fall this year and it's been great to get outside and use the boats and have a chat amongst ourselves. We've been keeping to the health protocols and wearing the "dreaded" mask, a wise precaution even though the Covid count has been low in our area and, as older guys, we try to avoid any potential problems whatever we're doing. We know we have been fortunate and have had some good fun. Apart from having to rescue a few wayward vessels the only real loss has been a battery or two that somehow slipped from the hand and disappeared into the murky depths. As we get close to the end of the boating season, leaf fall (into the pond) and lower water levels are making it more difficult to launch and recover the fleet, and before long temperatures will certainly make things much less inviting. Out thanks to Joe L. for generously allowing us to use the site and for putting in and taking out the "dock". We've had a couple of days sailing since my last blog and a club meeting (not in an enclosed space, thanks to John McK). Being wary of the pandemic, not all members have been at our "gatherings". However, at the Commodore's behest we have been instructed to set building targets and to report on progress at our next meeting, in person, by remote link or email, so I guess we're still on the hook. Dress warmly, the outside can be rather draughty!

John C. reports that his St Lawrence skiff is progressing well. The fin keel fits like a glove (and doesn't leak around the trunk). Even better, the hull sits evenly in the water, with no addition trim required fore/aft of laterally at this stage.

Don has continued with his masterful ways and with some cunning extra tweaks he has created a glorious rooster tail behind Miss Supertest. No telling how it's done (secrets of the trade).

Bob's been really working hard to detail his lobster boat and now there's a pretty good looking catch, the traps too are very well made (took him hours and hours to weave the mesh ........... really?).

Peter's Starcraft had a problem with an intermittent drive and had to call search and rescue. It worked OK ashore, of coarse it always does, but refused to return to station when needed. Eventually, shore rescue was required (thank goodness we're on a pond).

Never mind, there were other crazy speeders who were making good use of the calm waters.

Travis sent us this image of the Kyle Rhea, in it's new surroundings; it's great to keep in touch with members who get moved away but can still enjoy the hobby in a new area. Please keep in touch Travis.

George H. bought his magnificent model of the Edmund Fitzgerald bulk carrier, its not quite ready for a maiden voyage just yet but it's a beautifully finished model at this stage and needs an equally big truck for transport. The detail, bow and stern is superb.

Now we have had some unexpected onshore problems, Dirk's rescue tug refused to function (of course when needed); Dirk of all people!

And John H. is still trying to figure out how to get his corvette to be stable without the use of so much ballast that the model would be floating below it's lines. Remember what WW II corvettes were like, stability was not their finest point.

Here's another kind of corvette, this time it will be in the form of a half-hull. At this stage, it really does look like an ugly ducking but Bob the craftsman will turn it into a swan, I assure you.

The Commodore's been working night and day, to provide docking for his WW II armed tanker. Manpower requirements have been drawn from all sources, hundreds have been painting every part of the ship in great detail ........... right down to the finest railings. Completion date has not been set but rumour has it that the target may be late November.

And as I said, the guys have been very responsible about wearing their masks and staying 6ft apart. Stay well and keep the yards in business.

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