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We've been Sailing

The weather has been very cooperative, if a bit hot, but we've had some good days at the pond. This is a "bit of this and that" from our recent get togethers. My thanks to Bob for providing several of the images in this blog.

Don brought his model of the Tirpitz along to show the camouflage pattern. No, it did not go in the water but we had a good opportunity to see progress and just how different each side of the ship appears. Next, all the seamen have to get dressed up (painted) and ready to assemble on deck. He's also working on the seascape diorama. What we saw is the work in progress. A great opportunity for "Show and Tell", now we can't get together for inside meetings.

To the delight of a couple of members, conditions have been perfect to resume playing with the "crazy boats", with the pond otherwise clear of more stately craft, Clair and the Commodore were able to put the foot to the floor with impunity ...........I must say, boat performance was impressive!

We had the usual fiddling and fumbling, some almost fell asleep, and of course things went overboard. And by the way, Bob's lobster boat looks really good on the water, don't you love the colour; and you never know where batteries disappear to in the deep.

Lollipop was back ready for action, problems with the speed controller's fwd/rev. shifting having been largely resolved. The ESC is very sensitive to the set up of the null-point on the transmitter. Fortunately, no boats got stranded at the last pond event. Peter's fireboat continues to create quite a spray, it's monitor range has to be at least 2.5-3m from the giraffe. There was even enough wind for Joe to ghost his Mini 12 model yacht. It looked very stately!

Here's hoping for good weather to continue, another pond day would be great ........... we still have some boats to come off the yards or complete their sea trials, this year.

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