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From the Commodore: Here's a long story

I saw this Mega Blocks toy (these are *not* LEGO quality) years ago. I was fascinated by the articulated rowers...ankle, knee, waist, shoulder and elbow. And I have created some interesting models from toys in the past. So why not?

I bought two models to make it longer by having two centre sections. It was meant to be pushed over the floor so I had to build a hull which you can see here in dark green.

I had to add a rudder, too.

As expected the rowers don’t actually generate enough “pull” to move the craft - so I installed a very small prop. Painted hull colour it will be hard to see.

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished ship. Only four of the rowers are active because of the requirement for radio and rudder gear inside the hull.

The rowing mechanism isn’t very robust but I imagine it will only get the occasional trial in the pond.

It’s beyond a doubt the most annoying and frustrating project ever.

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