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It's getting warmer!

Temperatures have been very moderate for most of this winter but still not conducive to try any outside model boating, all those ideas and builds that still need a bit of testing before completion will just have to wait a bit longer. Infact, with Great Lakes levels likely to continue well above normal for some time, the water is “too much of a good thing” and it will be difficult to find places to launch and try out the Winter works, unless in small ponds, pools or the tub. But for Don and Bob, that won’t matter .............. both have had a touch of matchstick madness and the club now has a small fleet of Mississippi steam boats (3 each from a different shipyard), and a junk and a sampan complete with crews (just launched from a another yard). Fortunately, this mayhem does not threaten local timber supplies!

Ray just gave us an update about his “Constitution” (the USS Constitution, that is), he was not impressed by the quality of the cannons provided with the model kit and is making a number of much more detailed replacements. The new carriages will have the ring bolts that are necessary to rig the restraining ropes .......... and they are tiny.

Ray seems to have become a master of “tiny”; he gave us a demo of how to attach arial wires between the masts of a 1/700 scale destroyer. He made it look so simple, but you really do need steady hands. Have a look at the special tools of the trade (line and glue)!

Peter’s model of the “Lord Nelson” (later captured at the start of the War of 1812 and commissioned as the “USS Scourge”) has reached the stage when it needs to be launched to test and tune the sails ............ and that could be months away.

Having said he'd "never do kits", Peter also completed a model of the "Titanic", just for his grandson: such devotion to family matters!

Clearly, Jeremy has also been affected by thoughts of Spring; his long dormant model of an Ashville Class (Vietnam era coastal patrol boat) has been returned to the yard and the hull is being prepared for the installation of engines and modified shaft couplings. Planning for the new power supply also required some rethinking about ballast. Fortunately, there should be plenty of room to adjust weight fore and aft in this long lean and “mean” hull.

Don’s been working on his water line model of the German battleship “Tirpitz”, and has given great attention to the special camouflage on the vessel; more about this later.

We also have early construction underway in two completely new yards and other projects under consideration, all of which dispels any thoughts that Winter has just been a long snooze! Prepare to get your engines started and your sails rigged and tuned, Spring is on the horizon.

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