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Belleville Model Train Show - "Baby it was cold outside"

Yes it was cold and clear on the first day but, outside, it became decidedly unpleasant on day two. We have been fortunate with our location, this year and last, and well exposed to the visitor traffic, we certainly had a lot of visitors and a lot of interest in our display ........ making the effort really worthwhile. Certainly, the weather made it very unpleasant to unload and reload stuff for the display .......... many thanks to all the members for their participation.

Don't you like the "hands off" warning sign ......... not ours but maybe we should copy the idea and come up with something suitable for "little fingers".

We definitely had an upgrade this year. John's naval gun drew a lot of envious eyes as did his newly completed Flower Class frigate, beautiful pieces of work ....... what next John? It was interesting to compare the two models of this frigate class that we had on display (Clair's model has been featured previously and is of an earlier built ship).

The Commodore showed his steadily expanding collection of military vessels from the Vietnam war ........ and is now looking for appropriately sized livestock to put in the

sampan (but it has to be CHEAP or FREE, in keeping with bargain and scratch building).

Clair couldn't resist adding a "Barbie" to his model runabout (appropriately named "Playmate") and was duly "ribbed" for it! We had fun.

Don's incredibly impressive collection of waterline models drew a lot of attention again and we had a couple of sailboats on display, too. More news about Peter's topsail schooner will be coming out when it's finished (hopefully early next year).

Many thanks to the train club for inviting us to participate again this year, we really enjoyed it ........ and we took the opportunity to stop and shop with our favourite vendors.

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