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We Had Fun!

Not that we don't usually have fun, but this was our first try at a "pop-Up" event and it went very well. Mind you, the weather was all that we could hope for ............... warm but not too hot, not too humid, mostly sunny and dry. And the ground was as flat as we could ever expect for an outside location. Our many thanks to our local No-Frills store for allowing us to use a little bit of the parking lot for this event. Also, lucky for us, the local Alternatives for Women Organization set-up to do BBQ hot-dogs and fixings close by; we didn't have far to go for vitals and refreshments!

Don's "Rodney" had many admiring visitors, Bob's Lobster Boat is advancing well and is already fully manned, Stan's CSL freighter looked really smart in the pool (first launch and so so bright and shiny!). It was most fortunate, too, that Stan was able to arrange for a friend to bring a home-built full-size reproduction of a classic ChrisCraft ("Daydreamer") as an added attraction; and to add a gorgeous model of yet another "gentleman's run-about" to the show.

Our Commodore was not to be "out done", his latest concept was a drone-boat which showed no inclination to rise from the surface but it did exhibit lateral motion (although steering was less than optimal). His little speedboat, on the other hand, could be considered a new lethal weapon in the pool!

It was great to see the kids (and parents) enjoying our little tugboats in the pool but some repair work may be needed before their next outing.

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