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Funny How Things Happen (or Don't)

This was going to be a "whopper" blog, but it isn't. We had a great turn out of club members, great weather (except at the end), a great site, a great display and in-pool action with the club's tug boats and all the kids, and lots of visitors ................ but what happened? Unfortunately, I could only get time to help set up the pool and I had to leave as soon as that task was done. Our band of enthusiastic skippers had so much to do and got so much into the "festivities" that key personnel forgot to take any pictures!!!! Shades of memory loss to come (hope not). No fingers pointed at the culprit/s. So just take it that the club put on a really good show at the Belleville Waterfront Festival in July, and it would be fun to do it again. Thanks to the shows organizers and ground staff for all their help, we really appreciated it.

I did get a picture of the pool before I left (early in the morning), as evidence! And the site was actually flatter than it appears.

And of course there's always someone willing to take things easy, even if the chair really isn't that comfy!

Since the Belleville event, we've also had a couple of days "playing" with our creations at the pond. Nothing spectacular ....... no sinking, no drownings, no lost boats, just the usual "won't work but it did in the bathtub". ESCs seem to plague us with problems (won't respond or won't go from fwd to rev, etc.), poor battery contacts seem to be particularly bad this year (even though batteries have been meticulously removed when not in use), and we've had more corrosion problems with wiring too ........ maybe the wet Spring really has contributed to some of our woes. However, there's more showtime to come and we're not ready for dry dock just yet.

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