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Sorry Guys, I really have a bit of "catch up" to do.

I can't believe how much has been going on in the Club over the past few months, great stuff guys! Except that it leaves me with a huge pile of contributions that I should have started on ages ago. This time round, I'm going to take the easy way out ............ lots of pics and little "blurb".

Bob has had an explosion of activity, his little skiff has truly morphed from and ugly duckling to a swan, not only does it rest neatly on a gravel beach but it's already equipped with a fishing pole; what next, a mermaid checking to see if there are any fish in the boat?

Not content with just a mere skiff, Bob has mastered some really big boat construction. The latest project is a Cape Islander lobster boat. Yes, it's scratch built and his design work has been based on line drawings off the internet, re-scaled and set up for twin electrics (no big GM diesels allowed in the house). Construction seems to have gone ahead pretty well but (as always) there's a problem with the electricals ............ seems like those big brushed motors don't like their ESC. Installation remains "pending" until this little difficulty gets sorted out. Launch date remains uncertain; good luck Bob (been there, done that)!

While Bob's been slaving in the basement, Don has successfully installed the anchor windlass in his Yorkshireman tug. With that in place, he's moved to the wheelhouse, and what a lot of fun he's having. He seems to be competing with Stan for the most detailed model work with the "fiddly bits". I think Don has the inside track with his experience from building the Rodney but Stan's got the first hand knowledge with his CSL freighter. You got love what these guys have been doing. Great Work!

Ah yes, and we have new member Dave to thank for a very special "Show and Tell". Seems like he caught the bug for building a really big model. His scratch built hull is made from scrap materials, and while the model's final form is not yet finalized ......... there's no doubt it will be impressive. It's going to be really interesting to see it develops (and how it gets powered).

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