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Picton's Model Train Show ......... my how the time goes by, the last one almost seems like it w

The weather was almost perfect, a couple of really beautiful days for the show, I almost wished we could have been outside. Like the local model aircraft club, we joined the model railroaders for their annual show, held in the Picton Curling Club (which has just had a major reconstruction ........... leaving us with a near perfect floor on which to put the pool). No excuse for reefs or submarine canyons at the bottom of the pool this time! We had fun and so did the kids, or was it the other way around?

The club's tugs had a major work out.

I think they saw more pool time this year than they have for several events; and they just kept going ........ not a break down all weekend, so far as I recall. John McC's new tug performed very well, Stan's laker looked great.

Dirk's duck caused quite a stir (fortunately we had no muddy bottom) and the Commodore's bath tub special gave him quite a work out (more work's needed and a replacement pump is on the way for improved performance) ......... love to see it with some added bath soap (but not in our pool)!!!!!!

The Glenora ferry made several trips across the pool and the fireboat managed to keep its spray inside the pool (with one minor exception), so there was minimal mopping up to do when we closed down on Sunday.

Bob brought his Viking fleet for display and Don's HMS Rodney drew a lot of attention from some serious modellers. Albert managed several high speed runs without trouble and Clair drew lots of attention, especially for his wood stick paddle wheeler

The club had a good turn out with a wide variety of "boats", including (in addition to the "stars" above) many different types of tugs and service vessels, lake and packet steamers, fishing boats, recreational boats, a mini fish (thanks Commodore), a hovercraft (which did manage to sink one mini vessel), a sampan and sailboats.

We put on a good show and thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

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