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Definitely a "Wow Day"

Now I can't tell you what we talked about (I don't remember), where we were (for security reasons), or what we had (too complicated) ......... but it was oh sooooo good! Jeremy hosted our annual get together and obviously had the right connections; the weather was perfect, the garden was fantastic and ........ of course we brought the food and libations ......... and they went together just about as well as anything possibly could! In fact, by the time I was able to consider blogging about our event most of us had that rather full, comfortable, and sleepy feeling ........... and either close to nodding off or deep in esoteric discourse about things nautical, floral, views of the lake, or the delights of what we'd just consumed.

We had a great party and I'm sorry for those who couldn't make it, unfortunately there were no leftovers! Thanks to the Commodore for keeping his remarks short and to all the members and their most "significant other" who were able to come and enjoy the day.

For those who escaped my picture taking, I'll get you next time!

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