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Near perfect conditions ........... AGAIN; I can't believe it!

It's a pity that there's so much to do at this time of year. Many Club members had other commitments and couldn't benefit from the great conditions at the pond. Great, that is for the fast and slow power boats; it was of no use to the sailors, even though there were of couple of craft "in reserve", should the wind pick up. It didn't.

The Commodore had a new toy to play with and boy did it go. The mini Venom went like "stink" over the flat water and it was a guess as to whether it or Peter's little Starcraft was faster. Both boats were on the pond together but it was decided not to race against each other just incase the skippers got too excited and did something stupid, like running ashore or (more likely) colliding.


The "Happy Hooker" was not available so caution ruled the day (and everyone came away happy). John McC had his little red tug going well, clearly that's going to be a reliable little boat.

The Commodore also had the paddle wheeler "Glasgow" out for a spin (ex-Stan). The boat has been undergoing some refurbishment and, over time, some deterioration of the epoxy joints appears to have occurred. Members should have a look to see if that may be a developing problem on any other models. The "Glasgow" seemed to be running more slowly than expected, a voltage check indicated no battery problem. It may be that the drop down gearing is too much, the skipper will be looking into some modification of the drive.

Peter had his "Bay of Quinte" paddle wheeler, as well. Conditions were great for it. It really performed well (and kept well away from shore, just incase the wind came up, unexpectedly).

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