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Had a little job to do!

I said I'd try to get the last image and video of Don's H.M.S Rodney ready by this weekend, I wasn't sure if it would happen; but it's been so @#$%* hot, I decided that inside was better than out. And if inside, I might as well have a go at doing what I promised to do.

I can't put the final image into this site at high resolution (at full screen res. this still is about 4 feet long!). Maybe there should be a printout. The originals are really spectacular, from that point of view (though I say so myself). If you'd like to see a detailed image of the still shot (club members only), let the editor know. Don and I have copies of the videos but the files are too large for anything but direct download (USB or SD card etc). The videos on this site can be played at full screen. Sorry about some of the jerky bits, my tripod head was acting up, but I don't think that matters.

I'd like to congratulate Don on what has been a piece of master craftsmanship. The model looks exceptional, and kudos to the kit makers, too. No more Rodney stuff, I promise, this is the last blog about the model. I'll have to see who else I can plague to get more stuff, for future bogs.

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