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Just about perfect conditions, Wow!

It's always the way, great conditions and some members just can't make it to the pond. Oh well, for those who did it really was a great afternoon and Dirk's rescue boat ("Happy Hooker") did not need to be called into service. The sailboats had just the right amount of wind (and it came down the length of the pond ............ perfect). John McC. took the opportunity to give his new tug a really good work out, it's a good performer.

Dirk's Smit Rotterdam and the "Happy Hooker" ........ were all ready to go.

They've been featured before and, if things go well next time at the pond, I'll try to provide some more detailed images. The Smit Rotterdam, in particular, is a photographer's delight with all the colourful fittings and a superb finish!

I suppose, if you've just built a battleship, you're entitled to take a bit of a rest..........

............ and if you've just cleaned the leaves and twigs off the launch area, as well. Thanks Jeremy.

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