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Competition, anyone? And Sail away!

Inspired by the Commodore, four of our most seasoned modellers launched into unknown territory; Russian waters! The challenge, to build and display 1:400 scale models of a Russian DEKABRIST submarine (circa 1926). You can imagine the problems working at such a small scale. But I think all contestants should receive a commendation for their really great work (Bob, Clair, Ray and Don). Even allowing for one partly complete entry does take precedence. Great work guys, what next Commodore?

Love that rust!

Love those railings!

Dirk, your Cutty Sark is a real beauty, and what a sail set! How many more of these superbly finished models are there, every meeting you add a surprise. At about 1:300, the detail is amazing. You'd better get that new plexiglass cover made asap!

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