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What to do on a boring afternoon or when there's nothing on the TV!

Don' t ever say I'm bored or there's nothing to do! We're introducing you to the latest craze, the "in thing" ................ not a boat in the bottle but A BOAT IN A BOX! It's fantastic, it's doable when there's not much space, the bits are big enough to work with, and the biggest plus ........... you can actually get at the @#$%^&*! thing to fix it. And of course it will be nicely packaged to take to the next show. A really great job by John McK. and a great companion piece to his larger model of the same Thames barge.

Well, from sublime to the ridiculous! Why on earth would anyone wan't to spend hours and hours and hours glueing little sticks to other little sticks ............. just because they could? But look what happens under the "Master's " hand! Dirk, you have excelled, you have surpassed yourself, it's brilliant work, what else can we say; I know it's not finished but the next stage is going to be really interesting too, is it really possible to transform an "ugly ducking into a swan", surely it will be; we wait with bated breath!

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