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It takes time .... Peter's Bantam Tug

Yes, and especially when a critical solder joint fails and I had to disassemble a lot of parts without destroying them in the process. That applied most particularly to some plastic pipe that I ran out of ............. and nearly had to seek a new language of frustration when I found that the replacement pipe that I purchased was of a different composition, even though it looked the same. The heat molding properties of the old and new pipes did not match!

Anyhow the parts are back together and the Kitchen Rudder mounted on my slowly progressing Bantam Tug now works (until the next time). The next problem to solve will be how to add sufficient ballast to bring the model down to its design water- line. I have a feeling that some of the electronics will have to be moved to provide space for it; oh joy! At this point, I have no target date for launching and that's probably just as well.

Regrettably, things have to be prioritized and I will have to do the taxes before anything else on the Bantam ............ oh, how I hate doing the "taxes"!!!!

Rudder-head servo installed below deck level on the swing base (How does it work? ........ see April and September 2017).

Prop shaft mounted above rudder shaft that comprises an outer casing that rotates and an inner shaft with a screw thread.

Kitchen Rudder installed with propellor and support skeg.

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