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It's that Belleville Show again --- last of the year and my how the time flies!

We had 30 boats on display and 9 members present. The weather co-operated for a change and we had a nice, sunny, day although a bit cool. When you think about setting up the displays and getting all the "stuff" in and out of the old school building THAT's IMPORTANT! The crowds were good from the start and we had lots of interest from old and young alike. There were many detailed questions. We had a short meeting with Quinte Plastic Modellers who had an adjacent booth; maybe we can do some things together in the future. Seems like we might get along!

Guess who has a wide angle lens, makes Albert's boats a real stand out .... not me

Here's some beautiful machine work ..... congratulations to John H.

Yes, there were a good number of visitors; doesn't look like it, well just think, if the display is surrounded by them how can we get our pictures taken? that was a good weekend guys.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, Peter.

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