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A military focus seems fitting for November

John M. has been busy doing a refresh! Progress has been good on his 1:48 Viet Nam era ATCH that now features lights and a helicopter with powered rotor.

He's also started work on a similar Communication Command boat which he hopes to configure with all sorts of armaments.

Next in line for production will be a Swift boat (kit) which he thinks is going to be a challenge to animate. He is also looking to build an Air Cushion Vehicle which the U.S. forces used in the Mekong delta.

Nothing like having something to do over the Winter months !!!!

Bob's been busy too. His 1:35 LCM is being preparing for a centre-piece in a diorama that will include beach obstacles and barbed wire which he has hand-made, and does it ever look great. He even includes boxes of food rations and gas-cans. Seems like he's creating a highly realistic showcase.

Maybe all that will be needed to complete the reality will be an appropriate array of discarded materials and trash. That's not exactly a joke. Too often we model the "perfect" conditions; reality is harder to accept and rarely do we include the less attractive items of the field.

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