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September time and it's the Picton show again!

Members put on a great show, the pool was put to good use almost immediately it was filled, and best of all we had a good number of kids to play with the tugs! Quite a few parents and grandparents had a go too. This year, attendance was pretty even on both Saturday and Sunday and that made it really worthwhile. Looks like we may have some new members too ........... and that would be great for all of us, more hands to set up and take down the pool (but don't tell them that, yet).

Don's fleet of static models drew a lot of interest, Peter's fireboat managed to pump only half the water out of the pool so there was plenty left to float the tugs. John used his torpedoes to try and sink some of the shipping, and Clair had some of his boats doing "wheelies".

We all had a great time and promised to do it again next year.

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