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August 28th, finally some Summer sun for an annual get together!

To borrow Jeremy's words "The well-staged event took place at the home of John and Lois. They provided the `protein’ and the drinks, while members’ wives brought all manner of side dishes, Willie’s famous apple pies, and other desserts, and a few bottles of wine." Yes it was a great day ............. almost as if it was the first day of Summer, with very bright and sunny weather; it didn't take long before folks began to warm up, even if temperatures continued to be a bit on the cool side.

We had a great time .................. yes, I know, we all look so solemn but we weren't really ............ it was just so bright, such an unusual weather event, but I guess we could get used to it. Many thanks to John and Lois for hosting us all; they really had us fooled, the deer looked so life-like! Thanks to Albert for taking our pics.

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