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Touch of Summer!

It's hard to believe that we had to wait until the end of July to get a nice day at the pond. The weather gods gave us a good "window" of sunny, warm, and not too windy weather to enjoy playing with a few of the fleet. The Commodore came with his Thames barge but "chickened out" ......... deciding, instead, to sail his Footy. The boat is nicely balanced and despite the usual variable winds at this location, it sailed well. His stately paddle wheeler added a touch of class to the occasion (even carrying a passenger). Jeremy's Fairwind only got caught on the shore once and was quickly retrieved with the prerequisite poles. Albert had his speedy boats going pretty well and Peter's Starcraft made high speed turns without trouble ........... except that the TX caused servo reversal of the rudder (since fixed). Peter's Model of the Herreshoff Watch Hill 15, loved the conditions (and stayed off the shore). Unfortunately Dirk had radio problems and his boat had to remain in dry dock! Stan; well he just enjoyed supervising and fortunately we didn't have to worry about the "monster" in the pond (thanks for the local arrangements Stan).

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