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Don's been busy on the Rodney, again!

The wooden deck has been laid and looks really good! Now the detail begins, and this is just the start ........... and he's already wondering where to put all the crew when he hasn't even started on the guns.

Don's given us a view of the bases for the 3 gun turrets, derick booms, vents and ammo boxes, and bow details with paravane & shed and the 3 breakwaters. there's much more to come (if he's still allowed to use the dining table, after hours).

It gets better, well sort of ! Anyone want to build winches? There's a dozen parts to each one ......... for something that's less than an inch long. And have a look at the Oerlikon guns, they are also less than an inch long and he's got 17 to make before they can be fitted in place !

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