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September 2015 Pond Outing

The last Saturday in September proved to be a really nice day at the pond, the water level remained high and the recently repaired launching platform gave good access for both the power and sail boats. Bob, with his chair firmly planted on the sandy beach was clearly enjoying a lazy afternoon in the sun when the distress call came in to rescue a trimaran on the rocks. With fitful and swirly winds near the launch area, the “tri” could not make it’s return. Bob’s tug was called to assist but, too late, the trimaran was against the shore. Dirk’s lifeboat, being much smaller, was able to reach the sailboat but it too came into difficulties as it tried to edge the sailboat off the shore. Fortunately, Jeremy and Peter were able to work their way through the tangle of bushes and eventually recovered the model!

On recovery, Dirk’s boat was found to have partly unthreaded the prop and jammed it into the the rudder, making it impossible to steer. Just a little thing to fix but just as well Bob’s tug was still around to help in its recovery. Peter’s larger sailboat based on a Herreshoff design and still in the test stage, performed well despite the difficult wind conditions. More about it in the future. Many thanks to all who helped… just another day at the pond and Albert’s power boats just kept racing around without a problem.

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